Air sanitization Beghelli 30

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Tests have been carried out according to the ISO15714 Standard on strains of different bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. The device also complies with the safety requirements according to IEC60335-2-65 relating to air purifiers.

Power supply 230Vac ± 10%, 50 ÷ 60Hz with cable length 2m
Absorption 25W
25W UV-C wavelength
Sanitation flow rate 30 mc / h
18w UV-C power
5.5 W UV-C radiant power
Recommended cartridge life * 12 months

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Air Sanitization Beghelli 30 is a device for air sanitization. The filtering and sanitizing module consists of an axial fan suction system for introducing air into the closed chamber, which contains the UV-C source, where the sanitization process is carried out. The uvOxy® cartridge is installed inside the module, lasting 12 * months. The cartridge replacement process is quick, effective and ensures the maintenance of the sanitizing characteristics of the device over time. The reduced dimensions of the product and the possibility of being installed either on the wall, on a surface or with a bracket resting on the floor make it particularly versatile

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