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Profumo ambiente sublimo, fragranze per ambienti, deodorante ambienti, marketing olfattivo

Sublime Ambient Scent

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Marijuana Ambient Scent

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Ambient fragrance Bems

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Olfactory notes: base notes

We find it at the bottom of the olfactory Priamide, in the “Base Notes”, those that we perceive as soon as the Fragrance is released, more intense and decisive.

Bems environments is able to diffuse an aroma that gives a strong impression to your environment, making it more captivating and professional, an essence that adapts perfectly to any situation.
It is the exaltation of masculine fragrances, its woody notes together with marine notes create a perfect and balanced mix. The feeling you get when released into the air is the same as you get when watching the waves of the stormy sea as they crash on the rocks. A perfume that completely envelops the whole environment with its unmistakable aroma.

Effect in the environment

The intense fragrance of the wood is an effect intended to further enhance the marine notes which, on the contrary, are fresher and more delicate.
We recommend the strong notes of this perfume for men’s clothing stores, professional studios, hotel lobbies and conference rooms.
This fragrance is able to completely overturn the concept of marketing. We offer the best fragrances to help you in this venture and implement your business.


Identify a strong and professional environment
Ideal for olfactory marketing
Think of all the benefits you can get by simply using fragrances that remind you.

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