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Profumo Ambiente Bambù

Bamboo ambient fragrance

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Tuberose Ambient Perfume

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Boreko Ambient Perfume

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Olfactory notes: top notes, heart notes, base notes

Boreko is an amber woody ambient fragrance with fruity and musky scents

In the olfactory pyramid:
top notes: tuberose, coconut
middle notes: benzoin, nutmeg
base notes: patchouli, amber, musk

Fragrance with a strong oriental impact, precious, elegant and luxurious.

Effect in the environment

This mix of fragrances is considered a good remedy against bad mood, especially due to the presence of benzoin, used against migraines and considered an excellent antidepressant.
Overall, this fragrance quickly restores good humor.


If you are looking for elegance and at the same time new and never experienced olfactory notes, Boreko is the right mix to try. Suitable for any refined and particular environment, its fragrance gives a feeling of great well-being from the first notes.
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