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Lemon Ambient Scent

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Profumo Ambiente woods, profumo legno di bosco, fragranza wood, fragranza legno, profumo di bosco, aroma legno, aroma woods

Woodland Scent

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Cedar Ambient Scent

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Olfactory notes: top notes

Looking at the cedar tree one cannot help but notice its majesty.
Its warm colors and aroma aroma bring us back to the mild Mediterranean climate.
The simplicity of the people, the positive energy in the environment place it among the most genuine fragrances.

Effect in the environment

Thanks to its fresh and decisive scent, cedar is able to easily remove unpleasant odors, and this is what makes it particularly suitable for: changing rooms, bathrooms or gyms.


Thanks to its top notes it is a strong and decisive fragrance, all citrus lovers will surely love this essence
Create a memory in the olfactory memory of your guests
It leads back to the simplicity of interpersonal relationships
This type of fragrance is a new way to help our body feel better, take care of itself and the environment around us.
Creating harmony is one of the advantages that can lead to excellent results also in terms of customers.

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