Edelweiss Christmas fragrance

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Olfactory notes: heart notes

We know how important Christmas is and we want to make it unique and special. The essence of Stella Alpina contains all the purity of the most beautiful flower in the Dolomites and releases it at home.
Its olfactory notes are sweet and delicate and belong to the category of Heart Notes, balanced and perfect for this period.

The scent of Christmas is in the air …

Effects in the environment

This fragrance is able to create that magical atmosphere that occurs only during the Christmas period, when everything is warmer and more welcoming. If you love the tranquility of Christmas, this essence is for you! You can use it in small and large environments where the evocation of Christmas is of essential importance.


The jewel of the Dolomites, the Stella Alpina.
One of the rarest and most unreachable flowers of our peninsula is the Edelweiss, symbol of our beautiful peaks. The Aromas want to celebrate this magnificent flower and the whole territory.
We can assure you that once appreciated, you will never be able to do without it.
Edelweiss aroma is not just a fragrance that perfumes the surrounding environment, but it is much more. It is the evocation of a special moment.
Create a new olfactory experience for everyone
Let yourself be carried away in the magic of Christmas, capturing the aspects most linked to nature and memories.

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