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profumazione fragranza aloe vera

Aloe Ambient Scent

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Environment Leather Perfume

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Olfactory notes: base notes

The very first perfumes produced with the skin date back to almost a hundred years ago, made through the infusion of scraps of tanned leather and bark. Today this particular fragrance is considered one of the most intense and particular, widely used in shops that offer hides, leather and in men’s environments.

In perfumery, it is generally used for men’s perfumes, although a line of products has recently been created for women using these olfactory notes. Its Base Notes are among the last of the Olfactory Pyramid, precisely because they remain in the air much longer.

Effect in the environment

An essence designed for all shops and environments where you want to enhance the smell of leather and leather such as: showrooms, shoe boutiques and leather clothing stores.
Let’s not forget that olfactory marketing is today the new way to build customer loyalty and get them back to your store.


True elegance lies in the leather
Not everyone is aware of how important Olfactory Memory is for customers, Specialscent ensures a yield that you cannot have with other methods.
The smell of leather is usually worn thanks to accessories or clothing, while we offer it in an olfactory key, as a real fragrance to be shared within a room. It gives a fascinating sense of elegance that will be able to amaze anyone who feels it.
It is not for everyone to choose this type of fragrance, because it has particularly intense olfactory notes. However, even the greatest designers claim that the smell of skin on men is synonymous with strong and self-confident personality.
This is exactly what Specialscent wants to convey with this fragrance.
Choose from the wide range of speakers the one that best suits your environment and remember that our staff is always available for any questions and requests.

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