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profumazione fragranza aloe vera

Aloe Ambient Scent

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Fruits of the forest home fragrance

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Olfactory notes: Heart Notes

The Frutti di Bosco fragrance presents fruity olfactory notes thanks to the numerous mix of fruits of which it is composed. Among these we identify: Raspberries, cranberries, bilberries, blackberries, raspberries, currants and wild strawberries.
Together, these elements represent the classic fragrance with delicate heart notes of fruit. A fragrance that represents the female world in all its shades.

Effect in the environment

This essence carries within itself the soul of the undergrowth and its fruits. Its beneficial effects will be noticed from the first notes released, spreading in an instant pleasant sensations that only contact with nature can give. Spread in a shop or large environment, they will produce an immediate and pleasant state of well-being in your customers and staff.
We recommend this perfume in women’s clothing stores, ice cream shops, bars, spas and hotels. Make a difference in your industry and you will add Plus Value to your Location!
Let Nature enter your home, thanks to our perfume diffusers it has never been easier.


An undergrowth within easy reach
Not all perfumes are composed of such a varied and unique mix. If you are a nature lover you cannot help but try this fragrance.
Immerse yourself in nature and grasp its beauty. The gift of this olfactory experience. The scents of the earth that you can savor with your eyes closed.

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