Ginger Ambient Scent

5,10114,40 vat inc.

Olfactory notes: top notes

Extracted from the root of the plant, it has a scent similar to lemon peel but with a more exotic scent.
Its olfactory notes are therefore more pungent than lemon but also more aromatic and decisive.

Effect in the environment

Thanks to its exotic scent, the fragrance is able to give a special touch to your environment making it unique. The aroma is strong, but does not disturb the sense of smell and spreads evenly.
A fragrance like this is very useful to cover for example the smells of the kitchen in a restaurant and at the same time benefit from all its properties. More and more locals are choosing this fragrance for its versatility.
Do not miss the opportunity to renovate your space, you can give an extra touch to your location and be appreciated by your customers


Thanks to its top notes it is a strong and decisive fragrance. Lovers of strong aromas will surely love this essence, which at the same time has delicate notes.
Create a new olfactory experience
This fragrance will become your ally, not only to cover less pleasant smells, but also to perfume your environment with an out of the ordinary essence.
Also remember, that maintaining a fragrant environment is pleasant for the customers who frequent your restaurant, but also for your staff, a harmony of elements that will lead to surprising results

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