Grapefruit Ambient Scent

12,48 vat inc.

Olfactory notes: Top notes

The Grapefruit Ambience Perfume with its top notes is a citrus fragrance with a characteristic scent. Its colour is typical of this wonderful fruit of our land.
The fragrance is a perfect balance between mind and heart, promoting a good mood.
Grapefruit essence is offered in GEL SOLUTION.

Effect in the environment

Thanks to its characteristic scent, this fragrance is suitable for brightening the often heavy office air.
Recommended for work environments where there is sometimes an atmosphere of collective fatigue, this fragrance is a great way to cheer up the morale of your staff.
Very popular in environments where air recirculation is poor, such as locker rooms, gyms, crowded places or to cover strong smells from a kitchen.


The grapefruit fragrance is partly extracted from the skin of the fruit, this creates citrusy and refreshing olfactory notes.
A fragrance that has only recently come onto the market. Many massage centres and spas use grapefruit-flavoured products because this fruit stays in the air for a long time.
Create a new olfactory experience
Don’t underestimate the impact a good scent can have on your location

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