Green Apple Ambient Scent

12,48 vat inc.

Olfactory notes: top notes

Of all the varieties, the Green Apple is certainly the one that stands out for its acidulous scent. Pleasant and balsamic, released into the air, it gives energy that lasts throughout the day. Its fruity aroma stimulates the body, but also the mind to face a busy day with serenity
The essence of Green Apple is offered in a GEL SOLUTION, which can be used in the new Scent 100 fragrance diffuser that we offer, just one click is enough to view the product and complete the purchase on our site.

Effect in the environment

The Green Apple Environmental Perfume is suitable to transmit a motivational charge to all your staff and to increase the permanence of your customers thanks to its pleasant aroma.
The freshness of this fragrance is immediately noticed and, when accompanied by background music and warm colors, create a perfect mix for your guests.
Spring and summer, but also autumn are the months to be preferred for this fragrance that easily adapts to any environment such as: shops, bars, kiosks, exhibition stands and commercial environments.


The Green Apple Environmental Perfume is able to perfume your environment with its olfactory notes in a very short time! Create a wonderful atmosphere that will be well appreciated by all your customers and staff. Thanks to this fragrance you can have many advantages and perfume your environment in an innovative way.
Create a memory in the olfactory memory of your guests
Create a new olfactory experience
The essence of Green Apple is not just a perfume for rooms, but a way to renew it and make it better in all its aspects! Its Freshness manages to bring out the positivity that we can sometimes lose during long work sessions.

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