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Olfactory notes: heart notes

Lavender has many properties and has been used since Roman times to perfume rooms and in aromatherapy, it is considered a real panacea that can relax, stretch muscles and facilitate sleep.
Lavender is native to Europe but Provençal is the most famous and widespread quality. There is a lot of historical evidence of how ancient civilizations used this plant to perfume water for bathing.
A fragrance like this is also a small part of the “olfactory history” of our culture.

The olfactory pyramid is a model used to describe the structure of a fragrance. The olfactory pyramid consists of three levels: top notes, heart notes, and base notes.

Top notes are the first olfactory sensations perceived when smelling a perfume. They are generally fresh and light, and are only felt for a few minutes after the perfume is applied. Top notes may include fruits, herbs, spices and other light fragrances.

Heart notes are the fragrances that are perceived after the top notes have dissipated. They are more persistent and last for a longer period of time. Heart notes may include flowers, berries, plants, and other more complex fragrances.

Base notes are the fragrances that remain on the skin for a long time after the top and heart notes have dissipated. They are often more intense and may include woods, moss, amber and other deeper fragrances.

The olfactory pyramid is used to describe how a fragrance develops and changes over time when it is worn. The top, heart and base notes work together to create a unique olfactory experience. The olfactory pyramid helps perfume developers create balanced and complex fragrances, and helps consumers better understand what they are smelling when they wear a fragrance.

Like all cosmetics, fragrances are also regulated by specific rules that guarantee their safety. Perfume is in fact a cosmetic product as defined by Regulation (EC) n. 1223/2009 and is therefore subject to a whole series of obligations relating to the content, the packaging in which it is placed on the market, the documentation that must be available to the Authorities in the form of a Product Information File (PIF). Regulation (EC) no. 1223/2009 also provides for the Responsible Person to declare 26 ingredients of the fragrance compositions in the ingredients list if their concentration exceeds certain values.

Other guarantees on the safety of perfume derive from the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) code and standards, which participating perfumers must comply with: for example, the IFRA code establishes the maximum admissible quantity in a cosmetic for a given component). Another fundamental document for the safety of perfume is the FSE (Fragrance Safety Evaluation), introduced in 1997 with the VI amendment to directive 76/768. The FSE is the main tool available to the safety assessor in order to evaluate the toxicological profile of the fragrance itself, therefore it constitutes an essential part of the PIF.

Effect in the environment

Thanks to its persistent but not intrusive aroma, Lavender spreads with its delicate and unique touch, without disturbing or tiring the sense of smell. Precisely for these particularities it is highly recommended for places such as: SPAs, Wellness Centers, Laundries, Waiting Rooms, Massage Centers and Rest Homes.
At home, even today, it is not difficult to find bags with bunches of Lavender in the linen drawers, closets or scattered around the house, or hung on the wall in country houses to keep moths away.
Specialscent is able to offer the highest quality and authenticity. Its commitment is to recapture ancient fragrances to give an innovative touch in the field of olfactory marketing.


Take care of your home and your environment, renew them using lavender essence and you will see that you will never want to do without it.
Create a memory in the olfactory memory of your guests
This type of fragrance is a new way to help our body feel better, take care of itself and the environment around us! Also remember that maintaining a fragrant environment is pleasant for both customers and your staff. Creating harmony between all these elements can only lead to excellent results.

Specialscent is able to offer you surprising and unexpected results thanks to the experience gained over the years in this field, we are at your disposal and we know you will not be disappointed.

We stock a wide range of home diffusers, including our brand new Nebula manual dispensing spray, which works with the same misting technique as our diffusers, a perfect and cost-effective solution for those who want to test our products before purchasing a larger amount of fragrance or a dispensing machine. The Nebula format is made of aluminum, it is refillable and above all ecological. With the purchase of a 0.250 g fragrance of your choice, you will receive Nebula as a gift. Ideal for small quantities of product.


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