Lemongrass Ambient Scent

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Olfactory notes: top notes

The essence of Citronella has been used since Roman times as a remedy for insect bites. Its olfactory notes are slightly pungent and almost similar to those of lemon, yet the characteristic aroma derived from the plant is unmistakable.

Effect in the environment

Thanks to its lingering fragrance, Citronella pervades the entire room and, without being intrusive, distributes its balsamic aroma, making it fresh and pleasant.
We recommend this Fragrance for all outdoor places surrounded by nature such as Restaurants, Farmhouses, Spas, Kiosks or Bars near parks and ponds. It is also perfect in small airy spaces and the gardens of one’s own home.


The notes that distinguish this fragrance take us back to the climate and warm colours of the Mediterranean, making the environment more welcoming.
This Essence not only serves to perfume the environment, but also to make it more pleasant and thanks to its properties it drives away all insects, especially mosquitoes. In this way, summer evenings will be more pleasant without being attacked by these annoying insects.
Creates a new olfactory experience
Let’s not forget the benefits it can bring not only to your environment, but also to your business.

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