Ocean Blue Ambient Scent

12,48 vat inc.

Olfactory notes: top notes

With its fresh notes, its intense perfume, with a strong but not strong character, is able to make you experience intense sensations. A perfume that is able to immerse you in the depths of the ocean with its balsamic notes.
The blue ocean essence is offered in a GEL SOLUTION.

Effect in the environment

This essence spreads throughout the environment like a burst of fresh air, releasing feelings of freedom, like when on the seashore, in the half-light of the moon, we immerse ourselves and the wind caresses our face, a real cure-all. A fragrance created ad hoc for all sports lovers, therefore suitable for environments such as: gyms, changing rooms, fitness rooms, sports centers and the like.


An ocean of emotions
A Fragrance like Blue Ocean is your ace in the hole to renew your Location. If you have a business already started but you want to differentiate yourself from all the others, this is the solution.
Having a product that spreads such a fragrance in the air is an incentive for well-being. Lovers of the sea, long walks on the beach or boat trips will love it.
Think of all the benefits you can get by simply using its olfactory notes.

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