Peach Ambience Scent

12,48 vat inc.

Olfactory notes: heart notes

A fragrance particularly appreciated for its sweetness and delicacy. This fragrance is in the Heart Notes category for its particularly popular feminine notes and spreads quickly throughout the environment.
The Peach essence is offered in GEL SOLUTION.

Effect in the environment

The peach fragrance is particularly appreciated in summer for its freshness. Suitable for all bars, restaurants, kiosks, hotels and for those who have outdoor spaces to accommodate customers.
With this fragrance, customers will feel welcomed and welcomed.
Apparently a simple way to get them back to your location, but in reality a winning marketing strategy. Their olfactory experience will be unique, so much so that it will remain imprinted over time as an indelible memory.


The peach scent will transmit all its aroma with simplicity, thanks to its fruity and delicate notes.
Create a memory in the olfactory memory of your guests
Perfume is a growing sector because everyone is realizing how useful it is to be able to appreciate everything that nature offers us with the sense of smell as well as taste.
Not all of them are able to achieve high quality standards like our company.

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