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Ambient fragrance Bems

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Sublime Ambient Scent

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Olfactory notes: top, base and heart notes

Sublimo is a fragrance with marine notes, for those environments where it is essential to breathe beneficial air. In its olfactory notes the top notes predominate, that is the most delicate, but also the heart and base notes have their part in the fragrance.

Top Notes: Salt water, Algae, Ozonated Notes
Heart Notes: Myrtle
Base Notes: Amber, Jasmine

Effect in the environment

The Sublime Fragrance immediately brings us back to the sea breeze, to the pleasant sensation of salt, and then arrives with the sweet scent of myrtle, followed by the pleasant warmth of jasmine.
We recommend this fragrance for all summer locations or locations close to the sea such as: Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Tourist Villages and Spas.


Let yourself go, to be transported by the waves of the sea to the sparkling coasts, caressed by the breeze. Those who love the sea will be pleasantly wrapped in it. The notes of Myrtle and Jasmine will accentuate the benefits.
Mind and body will feel the benefits

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