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Woodland Scent

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Olfactory notes: base notes

The fragrance for woodland environments is made up of woody olfactory notes which at the same time acquire freshness thanks to the aroma of mint. Thanks to this particularly strong mix that is normally used in men’s perfumes, the aroma is particularly suitable for environments with strong characteristics.

Effect in the environment

The forest is the emblem of strength and its fragrance is particularly suitable in mountain places such as hotels, B & Bs and shelters, but it is not disdained by those who live in the city, where we can find characteristic bars, wellness centers and spas.
The perfume for ambient Bosco manages to transport in an instant those in contact with this fragrance in full contact with nature.


The Wood Scent environment creates a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Its mint notes purify the air making it balsamic. Those who know the mountains well and have benefited from the long walks in the forest paths, know what are the health effects that pristine and fresh air produces.
Create a new olfactory experience for everyone

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