Basil Food Ambient Fragrance

5,10145,63 vat inc.

Olfactory notes: top notes

The basil room fragrance has all the credentials to be the fragrance of excellence for the home or in environments where the fresh aromas of this plant must dominate all others, with delicacy and harmony.
With an unmistakable, intoxicating and balsamic scent, basil is perhaps the best known and most used plant in the kitchen for the most varied preparations.

Effect in the environment

This scent is perfectly suited to environments such as restaurant kitchens, domestic kitchens, dining rooms and hotels and is ideal for covering unpleasant odors.
Specialscent has acquired an experience in this field that few have achieved, approaching any type of activity, but also a large number of people who wish to make their environment pleasant and fragrant.


Our company is proud to offer the basil fragrance, with the characteristic color of the green Mediterranean hills. Green is increasingly present in our desire for simplicity and to return to nature. Taking care of the environment but also of ourselves by inhaling almost forgotten scents.
Create a memory in the olfactory memory of your guests
If you are lucky enough to have a club or a restaurant and have decided to change your business, this perfume is for you. Olfactory Marketing today is the new strategy to make your customers’ stay more and more pleasant. They will be amazed and your staff will work with more energy and sunshine.

We stock a wide range of home diffusers, including our brand new Nebula manual dispensing spray, which works with the same misting technique as our diffusers, a perfect and cost-effective solution for those who want to test our products before purchasing a larger amount of fragrance or a dispensing machine. The Nebula format is made of aluminum, it is refillable and above all ecological. With the purchase of a 0.250 g fragrance of your choice, you will receive Nebula as a gift. Ideal for small quantities of product.