Environment Food Cola fragrance

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Olfactory notes: top notes

With its unmistakable taste, the Cola fragrance is just as good as an olfactory experience. One in a kind! This perfume is a novelty on the market, especially the one referring to the olfactory marketin. A fresh aroma suitable for young environments.

Effect in the environment

Fragrances like these are ideal in environments frequented by young people, but also where the sensory stimulus has a predominant place in environments frequented by people who love the smells of alcohol less and more non-alcoholic.
Specialscent has gained considerable experience in the fragrance sector and knows the value of a welcoming environment. If you have a bar, sandwich shop, nightclub or dance hall, where the soft drink is more appreciated, this fragrance is for you.


The Ambient Perfume Cola is a fragrance designed for a young audience, its olfactory notes recall the classic aroma of the best known drink of all time. Our company is thrilled to be able to offer an essence based on such a well-known product by offering it in an olfactory key.
All our fragrances are IFRA certified and each product is exclusively MADE IN ITALY.

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