Fragrance Environment Food Brioche

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Fragrance Environment Food Brioche

The brioche room fragrance and its unmistakable aroma were created for all those environments where breakfast has a predominant place. Being greeted by the scent of hot, freshly baked croissants creates an almost magical moment for those preparing to start a hectic working day.

Effect on the environment

The brioche room fragrance is suitable for places such as bars, tourist villages, hotel and B&B dining rooms and tea rooms. It can be delivered both outside and inside the environment to attract and welcome your customers. Those who have tried it have understood that today marketing is also olfactory and we need to win over customers with a different strategy.


This fragrance, with simple and hearty notes, is one of the most purchased and widespread. If the goal is to acquire customers who love finding a welcoming environment, in a family atmosphere, this is the right aroma. They will definitely come back to your place every morning or afternoon with friends.

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