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Olfactory notes: base notes

Coffee, for many the drink that connects us with the world in the morning as soon as we wake up
After lunch, its aroma and taste restores the body and mind. The drink of excellence for many Italians who could never do without it.
The olfactory notes of this fragrance are strong and spicy thanks to the extract of its essence from coffee beans. It goes without saying that if we smell its good and intense scent as we walk and pass a restaurant, the desire to enter will be strong by instinct.

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Effect in the environment

Could you give up an afternoon with your best friend without stopping for a coffee? And if it is what we remember being the best coffee shop in terms of taste and aroma, we will certainly go there.
This fragrance has been specially designed for bars, restaurants, cafes, pastry shops where there is also a coffee machine, facilities that offer breakfast such as hotels and entertainment venues.


More and more businesses are opening in places near the sea or tourist resorts and all of them certainly have a coffee machine. Now think of being able to savor the taste of coffee not only with your palate but also with your sense of smell. An experience that goes hand in hand with the new tourism trends.
Yes, because customers and tourists are looking for an experience, something that they can carry with them as a souvenir and it is precisely for this reason that we offer the Ambient Coffee Fragrance.
This is one of the many olfactory experiences that are part of the new marketing trends. Try this or one of our fragrances, you will not be disappointed.

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