Nebula fragrance diffuser

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Nebula – Refillable dispenser of perfumes and fragrances

Don’t be fooled by the mere appearance of him. Nebula is a green product. It respects the environment and is rechargeable.
We have chosen to create and promote only products that are tolerable for the environment. Its image is simple and essential, it catches the eye less, but certainly in favor of sustainability.

The real value is given by the fragrance that you insert inside it, the one that is closest to your tastes.
A wide choice of fragrances, all biologically controlled and certified IFRA which attest to the scrupulous checks to which they are subjected.

With the first order, a fragrance of your choice will be sent for free

What are the advantages of Nebula?

Using an aluminum dispenser allows you not to alter the fragrance over time and every time the product runs out, you can refill it with another fragrance. This is the real advantage that the material with which it was designed gives. When you clean it, no trace of the previous fragrance will remain, so you can fully appreciate the new aroma.
With a small investment, you will have found the ideal professional solution to make your environment more welcoming.

It is often bought to try out different fragrances. Only once you have chosen the one that best suits your environment, you can buy a larger quantity.

Do you want to add another fragrance?

Choose from the vast offer we offer.