Perfume diffuser S1001 HVAC

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The Scent 1001 Large room fragrance system will be your great ally to give greater value to your Brand.
It is made up of two units: Central Unit and Detached Unit
In the Central unit there is a programming display of the daily / weekly / monthly broadcast. Thanks to the nebulization mechanisms, the aroma will be spread evenly in all environments.

Central Diffuser Unit

Dimensions: Height: 135 mm | Width: 315 mm | Depth: 165 mm
Material: stainless steel
Weight: 3.5KG
Power: 20 Watts
Voltage: 12V (out)
Speaker power supply: 125/230 V (input)
Noise: 12 Db
Essence consumption per hour: 1/3 grams per hour (depending on the continuous duration or less of the fragrance)
Maximum coverage: 3000 m³

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Detached diffuser unit with essence container and nebulizer

Dimensions: Height: 28 cm | diameter: 7.5 cm
Material: stainless steel
Weight: 625 Gr
Maximum distance from the central unit to the detached unit of the Perfumer: 30 m
Maximum distance from the detached unit of the diffuser to the connection pipe of the HVAC system: 0.5 m (at the outlet)
Perfuming tube diameter :: 6 m (inlet)

Functionality Scent 1001 Fragrance System

Scent 1001 Large room fragrance system has the right technology to homogeneously perfume your rooms. Its innovative nebulization technique allows you to push the oily micro particles into the air ducting system and ensure that the perfume reaches every room, ensuring a homogeneous fragrance in all spaces.

Scent Style 1001 Fragrance System

The installation of the two units is simple, the central one must be positioned on a raised flat surface or on the ground. We recommend absolutely avoiding places where dust or humidity accumulates to avoid malfunction of the speaker.
The detached unit must be positioned on the wall using the appropriate support and correctly connected to the central unit with the appropriate pipes.
Furthermore, the noise level of this system is really minimized as is the space it occupies with its two units.

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