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S400 fragrance diffuser

311,25363,31 vat inc.

Perfume diffuser s333

415,35 vat inc.

Where to use the S333 electric air freshener?

Its Elegant Design allows you to place it anywhere and for any project.
Unique that allows you to dispense 3 different Perfumes, programming the Nebulization with its Bluetooth application
Exceptional for Olfactory Marketing, in the Morning it can dispense a Brioche fragrance, for Lunch, Bread, and in the afternoon a Pina Colada.
Ideal for Shops, Receptions, Patisseries, Bars, Offices, Restaurants, and certainly for perfuming a large house
Daily and weekly programming of the ambient diffuser and S333, with fragrance intensity control.

Technical features Electric air freshener S333

Dimensions: 247 x 119 x 231mm
Net weight: 2260g
Material: PP + metal
Tank capacity: 3 x 120ml
Color: White + Rose Gold
Consumption: 0.06-0.88ml/hour
Power supply: 220/12V transformer
Programming: Bluetooth application

Fragrance delivery coverage in an open space environment 300 M3

Which perfume to use on Special scent Home Fragrances?
Special Scent has a wide range of certified and registered oily environment perfumes, for the perfuming of any environment, and to create an attractive impact aimed at the customer using the Olfactory Marketing technique.
Special Scent does not oblige the purchase of fragrances but recommends not using water-soluble oils, and oils used in stick diffusers.
Special Scent is your ideal partner for perfuming your spaces, on our site you can find the best solution for your environment, from fragrances to perfume diffusers.




Weight2,4 kg