Perfume diffuser s333

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It has three perfume containers with separate fans and atomizer heads, which can be easily controlled from a mobile phone application.
Its use is based on nanoatomization technology.
You can choose between different setting options and 20 perfume intensity levels
An economical solution, it consumes 30% less oil essence than similar diffusers on the market, but thanks to its characteristics, it can also quickly diffuse the scent into the air in large areas.
Its silent operation does not interfere with sleep or concentration.
The fragrance containers are easily replaceable.
It can be used in different locations, from apartments, shops, but also hotels, gyms, and medium-sized environments. You can choose any fragrance from our catalog.

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Technical data:

Dimensions: 247 x 119 x 231 mm
Net weight: 2260 g
Material: PP + metal
Tank capacity: 3 x 120ml
Color: white + rose gold
Consumption: 0.06-0.88 ml / hour
Power supply: DC 12V cable
Power: 12W

Can spread in the air up to 300m3 (100m2 / spray head)

With an elegant design and clean lines, we present the brand new S333 fragrance diffuser.


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