Perfume diffuser S600

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The Scent 600 Professional essence diffuser, like all the products on our site, is tested for over 3 months before being sold. Its operation is optimal and allows you to diffuse the Perfume in medium to large environments.

Spreading personalized or chosen fragrances from the wide range that Specialscent makes available to you, will make not only your location unique, but also your Brand will be unmistakable and unique. It is always pleasant to stay where there is a good smell. If you want to leave an indelible memory in the memory of your guests and customers, this diffuser is for you.
Its nebulizer is able to cover spaces up to 300 m³ consuming only 2 milliliters of fragrance every hour (at maximum power and intensity).
Being totally electric, it is an incredibly quiet machine and using the remote control and the various buttons you can adjust the diffusion of the perfume to your liking and turn it off at the 9 times you want, making your guests’ stay pleasant.

The black version includes remote control, while the Silver version is programmable with a mobile bluetooth application.

We also remind you that all our fragrances are IFRA certified.
Each product is exclusively MADE IN ITALY

Immediately after purchasing the Perfumer, you will receive an email with a summary of the transaction and a link that will allow you to download the instruction manual with all the instructions for programming the diffusion cycles. In fact, we remind you that it is possible to program the duration of the daily fragrance and the intensity of nebulization.
Delivery will be homogeneous in all environments
Manage in the best way the fragrance of your place to reduce waste and optimize the diffusion of the perfume!

Technical description

Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: Height = 980 mm | Diameter = 700 mm
Color: Available in two colors: satin black and stainless steel color
Power supply: 220/12 V transformer
Power: 10 Watts
Pump power supply: 12 V
Noise: less than 20 Db
Refill container: 130ml
Maximum oil consumption: 1-2 ml / hour
Maximum coverage: 300 m³
Weight: 2.8 Kg
Installation: Positioning on the ground
Operation: Remote control for ignition and programming for the black colour, downloadable bluetooth APP for the silver colour.

∗ The product’s general specifications do not vary in the bluetooth or remote version.