S1002 HVAC WIFI fragrance diffuser

1.134,67 vat inc.

Scent Hvac 2 Wi – fi has a scent dispensing system for rooms through ducting.

the technology used is that of cold nebulization which introduces the fragrance into the air through the ventilation system, spreading the fragrance homogeneously and with the same intensity.
It is an innovative product with remote operation via mobile or desktop application

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The machine consists of:

control unit, where 2 pumps and control lcd are positioned inside.
Two separate containers that allow you to program the fragrance delivery and intensity for each container.
The machine is completely made of steel, making it extremely reliable and robust.

Technical specifications

Dimensions: Length 242mm – Height 200mm – Depth: 161mm
Power : 17W x 2
Voltage: 12 V
Noise : <50dba
Weight : 4.6kg without fragrance
Coverage : 10,000 m3 – 3200 m2; 32000 sqft
Oily fragrance consumption 4Gr / h ± – 15% x 2 Dispensers
Black colour
Installation: Hvac channels Uta
Bottles capacity: 2/1000 gr Aluminum – Opt 5000 Gr
Machine Control: From double lcd positioned on the front of the machine, remotely via application.
Material: Steel

Optional: Nebulizer and 5 kg container of oily fragrance

Weight 4,9 kg