S150 Bluetooth perfume diffuser

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The Scent 150 Bluetooth fragrance diffuser is your little and most faithful helper for the fragrance of your environment. Thanks to its size and versatility it can be placed almost anywhere. The only precaution is to always keep it in a vertical position. However, it is accompanied by an instruction manual.

Technical description

Material: Plastic
Dimensions: Height = 148 mm | Length = 580 mm | Depth = 158 mm
Color: black and white
Power supply: T3 1.5V alkaline batteries or 5V USB
Power: 4W
Noise: less than 10 Decibels
Refill container: 100ml
Maximum consumption of the fragrance: 0.45 ml / hour
Maximum coverage: 70 m³
Weight: 413 g
Installation: fixed to the wall with a special support, anchoring screws and fisher or on a smooth vertical surface.
Operation: Connected via Bluetooth to your mobile phone where you can choose the daily programming of the perfumer.

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Features S 150 Bluetooth fan perfumer

Its nebulizer is able to diffuse the aroma of the fragrance in a completely silent way and consuming very little electricity and perfumed oil.
The Oily Fragrance you have chosen will fill the air with a pleasant scent and an unexpected well-being that only Specialscent can guarantee!
This diffuser is able to cover up to 70 m³ while consuming less than one milliliter of fragrance every hour.

The S 150 air freshener is a product suitable for any environment, does not take up space and can be programmed easily and quickly via the App available on both Android and iOS.
The minimal design and curved lines give the perfumer a modern and elegant style that blends perfectly in any environment.
Installation is simple, the package includes a wall support that will be anchored with the appropriate fisher and screws, which will support the weight of the perfumer using the special hooks.
In the Instruction Manual there is a lot of additional information that will clarify all your doubts.

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