Scent 900 fan diffuser

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Features Fan perfumer S 900 FAN

Immediately after the purchase, an email will be sent where you will find attached not only the summary of the transition, but also the link to the operating manual and instructions for programming and distribution cycles. You decide how much and when to perfume your environment
Manage in the best way the fragrance of your place to reduce waste and optimize the diffusion of the perfume!

Functionality Diffuser S 900 FAN

The fan perfumer S 900 FAN, like all the products on our site, is tested for over 3 months before being sold. Its operation is optimal and allows you to spread the scent throughout the room by connecting to the ventilation system.

Now available also in the Bluetooth APP version!

Utility Diffuser S 900 FAN

The S 900 FAN Fan Freshener can be used in two ways.
An independent method with an external fan that allows the diffusion of the oily fragrance in large rooms such as hotels, outdoor gardens, waiting rooms, gyms or wellness centers.
The second method uses the ventilation system. This diffuser connects seamlessly to your ventilation network with a 16 mm hose and can cover up to 2000 m³ while consuming only 2.5 milliliters of fragrance per hour.
Specialscent offers you the possibility to better customize your environment avoiding waste and optimizing functionality. There are several daily programs that you can customize as you prefer in order to spread the Perfume when and how you want!

Technical details

Material: Powder coated metal
Dimensions: H 440 mm | L 220 mm | 130 mm
Color: Available only with Black Metallic Body
Power supply: 220/12 Volt transformer
Power: 22 Watts
Noise: less than 40 Decibels
Refill container: 1000ml
Maximum consumption of oily fragrance: 2.5 ml / hour
Maximum coverage: 1500 m³
Weight: 5.3 Kg
Installation: Connected to the ventilation system or independent operation with external fan
Coupling tube for use in ventilation systems: 16 mm


Weight5,4 kg

Black, Black bluetooth