Scent diffuser S301

207,15 vat inc.

The ideal electric scent diffuser for your business.

Where and how to use the S 301 scent diffuser

  • Electric scent diffuser with integrated internal fan to homogeneously spread the fragrance.
  • Ideal in medium-sized shops, at home, fixed to the wall or on a shelf at a maximum height of 200 cm.
  • Recommended for perfuming shops, shopping malls, motorway service stations, doctors’ surgeries, waiting rooms.
  • Low consumption: 2,6gr of fragrance per 1 hour of work
  • Daily and weekly programming, with the possibility to adjust and regulate the fragrance intensity, so that the scenting  will always be adequate at all times.
  • Remote control management via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth APP, all included in the price.
  • Optional: programming management from Special Scent central office (Ideal solution for managing multiple points of sale).


Technical features of the S 301 scent diffuser

  • Material: plastic
  • Dimensions: Height = 212 mm | Length = 176 mm | Depth = 85 mm
  • Colour: available in black or white
  • Power supply: 220/12 Volt transformer
  • Power: 7 Watts
  • Noise: less than 40 Decibels
  • Container capacity: 450 Gr
  • Maximum consumption of Oily Fragrance: 2.6 gr/hour
  • Internal Fan
  • Maximum coverage: 800 m³
  • Weight: 1 Kg
  • Wall mounting


Which fragrance shall I use with Special Scent scent diffusers?

  • Special Scent has a wide range of certified and registered oily room fragrances for perfuming any environment, and for creating an attractive customer impact using the Olfactory Marketing technique.
  •  Special Scent does not oblige the purchase of fragrances, but recommends the non-use of water-soluble oils, and oils used in reed diffusers.
  • Special Scent is your ideal partner for the scenting of your spaces, on our site you can find the best solution for your environment, from fragrances to scent diffusers

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