Air sanitization Beghelli 200 connect

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The uvOxy® technology sucks in the ambient air, then diffuses purified air with the emission.
In the SanificaAria 200 the UV-C chamber has been designed to sanitize large quantities of air, so as to cover a large area of ​​the environment making it suitable for medium-large environments. The adoption of 3 variable speed axial fans makes it possible to treat up to 200 cubic meters of air in one hour, while maintaining barely perceptible noise. The device is equipped with automatic temperature regulation through the microcontroller of the UV-C tube.
Tests were carried out according to ISO15714 on strains of different bacteria, viruses and other micro organisms. The device also complies with the IEC60335-2-65 safety requirements.

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Air sanitization Beghelli 200 connect it can be managed with an application installed on the mobile phone which will effectively become a remote control with which it will be possible to control all the functions of the air sanitation system even remotely.

Technical features

Power supply 230Vac ± 10%, 50 ÷ 60Hz with cable length 2m
Minimum absorption 36 W
Maximum absorption 60 W
UV-C wavelength 254nm
Sanitation flow rate> 200 mc / h
24 W UV-C power
UV-C radiant power 7.5 W
Cartridge life approx. * 12 months

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