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Cognac and Orange Chocolate

Cognac and Chocolate Orange room scent, an elegant choice for scenting and warming cold rooms
5,10 vat inc.

Tobacco & Cashmere

Tobacco & cashmere room scent, for the room scenting of elegant businesses and classy home environments.
5,10 vat inc.

Scent Environment Scots pine

Pino Silvestre has unique therapeutic properties. The aroma helps purify the surrounding environment and reconnect the mind with the body.
5,10 vat inc.

Ambient fragrance Orange, wood, leather

This fragrance can be diffused in leather goods shops, furniture factories or stationeries with particular attention to detail.
5,10 vat inc.

New car ambient scent

An ideal fragrance for cars and car sales salons. Keeps a good new car smell in the air. The perfect fragrance for particular environments
5,10 vat inc.

Tuberose Ambient Perfume

this mix of fragrances is recommended for environments where you can create special, intimate atmospheres. Recommended for hotels, shops and SPAs
5,10 vat inc.

Boreko Ambient Perfume

This mix of fragrances is considered a good remedy against bad mood, due to the presence of benzoin, used against migraines and depression
5,10 vat inc.

Bamboo ambient fragrance

The oil, extracted from the leaves of the Bamboo plant is treated in a natural way, transporting you to the wonderful and immense oriental forests.
5,10 vat inc.

Ambient Fragrance Amber and Tobacco |

Its mix of fragrances releases warm and enveloping sensations in an instant, where you can let yourself go. A relaxing and unique atmosphere
5,10 vat inc.

Scent Christmas Environment chalet

This fragrance is intended for environments where hospitality and friendship reign supreme between pampering, hot mulled wine, roasted chestnuts and hugs.
5,10 vat inc.

Luxury Ambience Perfume

Luxury scents, Their precious essences are used during gala events, high fashion shows, and where the stay must be particularly pleasant.
5,10 vat inc.

Edelweiss Christmas fragrance

The Stella Alpina fragrance contains all the purity of the most beautiful flower in the Dolomites and spreads it throughout the environment.
5,10 vat inc.

Christmas fragrance Hawthorn

The olfactory notes that make up this Fragrance are part of the Heart Notes and are positioned in the center of the olfactory pyramid. A perfect mix
5,10 vat inc.

Cannabis Ambient Scent

The cannabis fragrance gives off a delicate aroma, with floral, pine and earth undertones, typical of cannabis. It adapts well to multiple environments
5,10 vat inc.

Marijuana Ambient Scent

With strong notes, it can be used in clothing stores, gyms, spas and any place where psychophysical well-being is important
5,10 vat inc.

Ambient fragrance Bems

Bems environments gives a strong impression to your environment, making it more attractive and professional, a perfect essence for any situation.
5,10 vat inc.

Sublime Ambient Scent

This fragrance brings us back to the sea breeze, to the pleasant sensation of saltiness, and then arrives with the sweet scent of myrtle and jasmine.
5,10 vat inc.

Lavender environment Scent

Lavender has many properties and has been used since Roman times to perfume rooms and in aromatherapy. Great for a relaxing environment
5,10 vat inc.

Woodland Scent

The fragrance for woods environments is made up of woody olfactory notes which at the same time acquire freshness thanks to the aroma of mint.
5,10 vat inc.

Cedar Ambient Scent

The simplicity of the people, the positive energy in the environment place it among the most genuine fragrances. Available in oil and gel
5,10 vat inc.

Lemon Ambient Scent

The fragrance spreads quickly in the environment, enhancing the top notes, its aroma recalls the colors of summer and instills strength and well-being.
5,10 vat inc.

Cut Grass ambient Scent

Mountain structures prefer the fragrance of cut grass to completely immerse customers in nature. Ideal for wellness treatments
5,10 vat inc.

Christmas Scented Vanilla and Cinnamon

The Olfactory Notes of Cinnamon are spicy and belong to the category of Heart Notes, the strongest ones of Vanilla to Base Notes.
5,10 vat inc.

Ginger Ambient Scent

Extracted from the root of the plant, it has a scent similar to lemon peel but with a more exotic scent. Its olfactory notes are more decisive.
5,10 vat inc.

Ambient fragrance Scents of the East

Turmeric, Coriander, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger, Paprika are just some of the many spices that make up this mix of oriental scents
5,10 vat inc.

Ocean Blue Ambient Scent

With its fresh notes, the intense perfume, with a strong but not strong character, is able to make you experience intense sensations. Only in GEL solution
12,48 vat inc.

Grapefruit Ambient Scent

The Grapefruit Ambient Perfume with its Top Notes is a citrus fragrance with a characteristic intense scent. Its color is typical of the fruit
12,48 vat inc.

Lemongrass Ambient Scent

Its olfactory notes are slightly pungent and almost similar to those of Lemon, however the characteristic aroma derived from the plant is unmistakable.
5,10 vat inc.

Mixed Citrus Fruits Ambient Scent

Fresh, energizing, sparkling, this mix of Lemon, Cedar, Orange, Grapefruit and Mandarin is a vehicle of lightness, freshness and good humor.
5,10 vat inc.

Perfume Environment Femme saliente

Femme Saliente fragrance is a unique perfume mix. The resulting olfactory profile is made up of 3 types of Olfactory Notes: Head, Heart and Base
5,10 vat inc.

Environment Leather Perfume

The very first perfumes produced with the skin date back to almost a hundred years ago, made through the infusion of scraps of tanned leather and bark.
5,10 vat inc.

Aloe Ambient Scent

This fragrance transmits all its energy, like water, fresh and regenerating. Its olfactory notes are delicate and remain in the environment for a long time
5,10 vat inc.

Fruits of the forest home fragrance

The Frutti di Bosco fragrance presents fruity olfactory notes thanks to the numerous mix of fruits of which it is composed: Raspberries, blueberries ...
5,10 vat inc.

Ambient Fragrance White Musk

This essence faithfully reproduces the scent of White Musk. The Olfactory Base Notes spread initially giving a delicate freshness
5,10 vat inc.

Sea ​​flowers Ambient Perfume

We recommend the sumptuous and elegant notes of this perfume for clothing stores, professional studios, in trade fair stands
5,10 vat inc.

Green Apple Ambient Scent

The Green Apple is certainly the fragrance that stands out for its acidic aroma. Diffused in the air, it gives energy that lasts throughout the day.
12,48 vat inc.

Peach Ambience Scent

A fragrance particularly appreciated for its sweetness and delicacy. This fragrance is in the Heart Notes category for its feminine notes
12,48 vat inc.

Perfume Ambient Theater

Thanks to its olfactory notes, this fragrance will transport you inside an Opera of other times. An aroma that contains all the essence of a theater
6,13 vat inc.

Jasmine Ambient Scent

It is an essence with rich and delicate floral notes. Its heart notes are almost similar to those of honey but less sweet. It is an ancient plant
5,10 vat inc.

Linen ambient fragrance

The sensation that this fragrance gives is that of being in a large flowery meadow and intoxicated by the scent of laundry hanging out in the sun
5,10 vat inc.



Special Scent offers multiple olfactory notes and 80-room fragrances for any type of environment.
Years of studies and training courses have allowed the creation of these fragrances, all of which can be used in cold nebulizers, in electric diffusers, and even those not produced by us.
Furthermore, by purchasing a large number of products, we are able to produce an environmental safety certificate issued by the National Institute of Health.
Special Scent is offered in two different types of room fragrances:

Solid gel

Our fragrances and perfumes for interiors and exteriors are strictly produced in Italy with all the certifications required by European regulations.
Each individual essence is IFRA certified and is accompanied by a product data sheet.
This allows us to offer fragrances with the highest safety standards and many professional perfume and aroma solutions for the environment in multiple formats.
In our online shop, you will find a rich catalog and, if all this is not enough, we can offer you out of catalog any fragrance marketed on the market (even important brands), both for the fragrance of the rooms and as Olfactory Marketing.

We are able to design your olfactory brand, creating a personalized fragrance that differentiates you from your competitors, a real brand for your company, a tailored suit that only you can wear.
It is important to remember that every scent released into the environment, in addition to making the stay pleasant, remains indelible in the mind.
It was psychologist Eric Spangenberg of Washington State University School of Business who discovered all the positive effects that essences have on sales.
Choose a fragrance for your environment and increase your sales by relying on us. Years of experience in the field of environmental fragrance allow us to help you with the best choice taking into account your products and your company business.

Our staff, all professionals in the sector, are at your complete disposal.




Our fragrances for interiors and exteriors are strictly produced in Italy with all the certifications required by European regulations.
Each individual essence is IFRA certified and accompanied by a product safety data sheet.
This allows us to offer fragrances with the highest safety standards.

Special Scent offers professional solutions of Perfumes and Fragrances for the environment in two solutions: oily and gel.

Special Scent not only presents a standard olfactory catalog, available in our online shop but also offers any essence sold on the market, including well-known brands, both for the fragrance of environments and as Olfactory Marketing.
Thanks to the collaboration of our partners we are able to design olfactory logos, creating a real Olfactory Brand for your company.



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    Special scent is a trademark owned by Smart Business Company Kft with headquarters and showroom in Budapest, address in description. We have been working in the Perfumentation and Olfactory Marketing market since 2014 with several distributors in various parts of Europe and the Middle East. Our perfumers spread the scent through an advanced atomization system, from smaller rooms like cars to larger rooms like halls and corporate offices.

    Our company can satisfy every particular scenting request and create a pleasant and unique environment. Wellness centers, hotels, home environments, restaurants, offices, gyms, and many other environments can be completely renovated thanks to our Fragrances. All our fragrances are made in Italy and certified, their quality has no equal. The olfactory experience that we offer gives a real memory that remains impressed in the mind of those who feel our fragrances.