Have you ever smelled a perfume and immediately associate it with a past experience, a place or a moment?

Every time we breathe in, we absorb smells that are released from the environment, from the objects we manipulate, and from the people we meet; they are perceived and processed by the brain which identifies them and associates them with the experience they are experiencing.
Almost unconsciously, we connect to the outside world through emotions, smells, and scents that will become our olfactory memory over time.

Scent marketing

Researchers and professionals from various sectors have worked to better understand the sense of smell, one of the most developed senses of man and which undoubtedly affects our daily choices and our way of life.

These olfactory experiences can be reproduced, processed, and reused to improve not only social interactions, psychophysical well-being, and other aspects of daily life, but also to be introduced in places where it is important for people to feel good, welcomed, and in them. the memory of the positive experience remains.

Special scent has been studying this phenomenon for years and thanks to the experience gained, today it is able not only to re-propose a wide range of essences and fragrances but to create them on measures for any need or production reality, the so-called olfactory marketing.

Olfactory marketing studies and uses the enormous potential of fragrances as a means of communication and is part of those sensory marketing strategies that play on the evocation of emotions and positive experiences by consumers.
If the company’s brand is defined by its logo, by the set of writings, colors, and images that allow us to identify it in any situation we find ourselves, the same thing happens with odors, which allow us to identify the specific one through the olfactory logo. Business or local.

Innovation is upon us and it is necessary to adapt to new choices to compete in a market that rewards above all those who know how to emerge making their own brand unique. Scent Marketing is tangible proof of this and we are aware of it thanks to the numerous requests we receive.

We are waiting for you!

A few examples:
Recreate the scent of clean and fresh linen in a children’s clothing store, as the aroma of linen could be.

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    Special scent is a trademark owned by Smart Business Company Kft with headquarters and showroom in Budapest, address in description. We have been working in the Perfumentation and Olfactory Marketing market since 2014 with several distributors in various parts of Europe and the Middle East. Our perfumers spread the scent through an advanced atomization system, from smaller rooms like cars to larger rooms like halls and corporate offices.

    Our company can satisfy every particular scenting request and create a pleasant and unique environment. Wellness centers, hotels, home environments, restaurants, offices, gyms, and many other environments can be completely renovated thanks to our Fragrances. All our fragrances are made in Italy and certified, their quality has no equal. The olfactory experience that we offer gives a real memory that remains impressed in the mind of those who feel our fragrances.