General Dispositions


The following terms and conditions are effective only between Smart Business Company kft 8000 Székesfehérvár Deák Ferenc u. 39/2 (Hungary) european VAT no. HU26513021 (from now on referred to as Specialscent), and any person (from now on referred to as “CLIENT”) who purchases online on the webshop in conformity with the The Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002, SI 2002/2013.

These terms and conditions can change accordingly to the law and the date of publication on the website corresponds to the date they enter into force.

PARAGRAPH NO. 1 – object of the contract

The object of the contract is the sale of the products that are published on the website by Specialscent to the CLIENT, where there is specifically indicated the name and the characteristics of the product.

Specialscent is committed to describe and present the products in the best way possible. Nonetheless, there could be some errors or little differences between the presentation and the real product. Furthermore, the pictures presented on the website do not represent a contractual element, they have just representation purposes, since the colours and the characteristics of the products could be different because of the kind of screen used by the client. Therefore, the seller cannot guarantee the perfect reproduction of the products.

The data on the website could be modified or update to improve the CLIENT’s experience; the client will be informed at the order confirmation about any variation applied.

Before proceeding to the order confirmation, the CLIENT commits to read the general terms and condition, in particular the pre-contract information supplied by Specialscent, and to accept them by a tip in the indicated box.

In the order confirmation e-mail the CLIENT will receive the link to download and keep a copy of these general terms in conformity with the 2011/83/EU directive.

PARAGRAPH NO. 2 – preliminary information for the consumer before sealing a purchasing contract

 Before the confirmation of the purchasing contract and before the confirmation of the order “with payment obligation”, the CLIENT is informed in conformity with the 2011/83/EU directive about:

-product’s main characteristics;

-seller’s identity, address and contacts;

– overall price of the product VAT included, together with the shipping cost and any other cost;

-mode of payment;

– deadline in which Specialscent commits to deliver the products;

-conditions and terms of withdrawal (paragraph No. 7 of these terms and conditions) ;

– that the CLIENT must pay the return shipping cost of the products in case of withdrawal;

-the existence of a compliant legal warranty for the items purchased.

IMPORTANT: for tax reasons, shipping and delivery of the products is available only in the country the CLIENT selects in the billing part. Shipping to a country different from the billing country is not possible.

The CLIENT, at any moment before the purchasing contract is sealed, can acquire information about Specialscent, such as address, telephone number, e-mail address. Such information is reported here below:

Specialscent/ Smart Business Company kft.

Headquarters in:

Deák Ferenc u. 39/2

8000 Székesfehérvár (Hungary))

Tel. +36 70 7753500

PARAGRAPH NO. 3 – Conclusion and effectiveness of the purchasing contract


It is possible to seal the purchasing contract only via internet, as the CLIENT accesses the webmail and places a purchasing order according to the procedure indicated in the website.

In particular, the purchasing contract is considered concluded as Specialscent sends to the CLIENT a confirmation e-mail. The e-mail contains the CLIENT’s data and number of order, along with the price of the products, shipping costs and delivery address.

The CLIENT commits to verify the accuracy of their personal data and to immediately communicate to Specialscent any correction.

PARAGRAPH NO.4 – Availability of the products


The availability of the products is the one displayed in the moment the CLIENT places an order. Such availability is approximate since, due to the presence on the website of more than one user at the same time, the products could be sold to others before the CLIENT’s order confirmation.

Even after the confirmation e-mail sent by Specialscent there could be some products that are unavailable. In such cases, Specialscent will immediately contact the CLIENT to find together a suitable solution. In the case that there’s no possibility to reach an agreement, the CLIENT can ask for the annulment of their order and therefore, their purchasing contract.  Specialscent will refund the prepayed amounts within 14 days since the aknowledgement of the CLIENT’s annulment.

PARAGRAPH NO. 5 – Prices


All the selling prices visible in are in EURO and do not include VAT (VAT amount will be shown before payment).

The shipping cost is not included in the purchasing price, but is indicated and calculated when concluding the purchase before payment.

For parcels sent to addresses outside Hungary, the maximum insurable value of the goods is EUR 200.

For parcels sent to addresses outside the European Union, the delivery prices shown do not include the cost of customs clearance and VAT, which must be paid by the recipient before the parcel is delivered.

The CLIENT accepts the Specialscent’s power to change the prices at any time; it is clear that the CLIENT will pay the prices indicated in the website in the moment they place an order and replicated in the confirmation e-mail.

In case of an IT, or technical error, or any error that implies a change that was not expected by Specialscent and that makes the prices either extremely high or extremely low, the purchasing order will be invalidated and the potential amount will be refunded to the CLIENT within 14 days since the annulment.

PARAGRAPH NO: 6 – Mode of payment


Any payment  by the CLIENT can only be carried out via credit cards, paypal, stripe or money transfer, which must be transferred to Specialscent’s bank account within 5 days since the order confirmation, otherwise the stock availability will not be guaranteed.

The communications about the payment or CLIENT’s data will be on specific safe and protected pages.

PARAGRAPH NO. 7 – purchase withdrawal (return) right 


The CLIENT has the right to withdraw(return) the purchase without specifying the reason within 14 days since they received the product. In case there are more items not delivered at the same time, the last item received will be considered.

In order to perform the withdrawal right the CLIENT must inform Specialscent of their decision by sending an official delcaration. To send the declaration please use the withdrawal form indicated in the Annex I(B) of the Directive 2011/83/EU.

In order to comply with the deadlines it is enough to send this declaration before the withdrawal period expires to the e-mail address

In case the withdrawal request is valid, the CLIENT will be refunded of the payment (except the extra costs that may verify whether the CLIENT choses a more expensive shipping method than the one offered), within 14 days from the reception of the withdrawal declaration. Such refunds will be carried out by bank transfer.

The CLIENT must return the items intact and in their original packaging, together with the packing material to Specialscent: Smart Business Company kft, 1033 Budapest, Szentendrei út. 89-93.

The refund will take place only after the reception and examination of the items: the items must not be used, the package must contain all the accessories, and the fragrances must display the warranty seal intact and not tampered with. The refund will take place within 10 days from the approval by Specialscent.

The CLIENT must pay for the withdrawal shipping cost.

PARAGRAPH NO. 8 – compliance warranty


In case the CLIENT receives non compliant or damaged items, in case the items display technical/functioning issues within 7 days from the delivery, the CLIENT can ask for the sostitution of the items, without shipping costs and with a previous written authorisation. In case the item presents technical issues after 7 days from the delivery, and for the whole duration of the warranty, the CLIENT is charged with the shipping cost. Before sending the items back, the CLIENT must inform . The items must be sent together with their original package.

PARAGRAPH NO. 9 – Mode of delivery

Specialscent commits to arrange a courier for the delivery of the items to the address indicated by the CLIENT within 7 working days from the sending of the confirmation e-mail.

IMPORTANT: for tax reasons, shipping and delivery of the products is available only in the country the CLIENT selects in the billing part. Shipping to a country different from the billing country is not possible.

When receiving the items, the CLIENT  must examine their integrity. If the CLIENT has any doubts about the integrity of the items, they must write it on the courier’s note. In case the package is damaged and is open, the CLIENT must not accept the delivery indicating the reason.

If the CLIENT discovers that one or more of the products ordered are missing from their parcel, they may lodge a complaint up to 7 days after the date of delivery of the parcel. The complaint must be made in writing to, enclosing photographic evidence to allow verification. Any complaint made after the indicated period of time shall not be taken into account.

For any order carried out on the website, Specialscent commits to issue an invoice of the shipped items. The invoice will be sent via email.

The invoice will include all the information provided by the CLIENT during the purchasing procedure.

After issuing the invoice it will not be possible to modify the information indicated.

PARAGRAPH NO. 10 –  Responsibilities


Specialscent is not responsible for any bad service/ distruption/ disservice that are due to force majeure or due to internet malfunctions. In case of delay or damaged delivery, Specialscent is not responsible for the courier’s actions and behaviour .

PARAGRAPH NO. 11 – access to the website


The CLIENT is allowed to access the website to check the products and carry out purchases. No other commercial use is authorised on this website and on its content. The integrity of  the visual or audio elements of the website and the used technology are property of Specialscent and are covered by the intellectual property right.

PARAGRAPH NO. 12 – Cookies


The website usesi cookies. Cookies are electronic files that register the CLIENT’s browsing information on the website (seen pages, with date and hour, etc…) which allow Specialscent to offer a customised service to their clients.

Specialscent informs the CLIENT about the possibility to disable such cookies by accessing their internet setting menu. The disabled cookies will impeed the online purchase by the CLIENT.

PARAGRAPH NO. 13 – use of personal data


Specialscent collects the CLIENT’s personal data only with the purpose of registering the CLIENT and of allowing them to place orders; the personal information will be used in compliance with the Law. The CLIENT consents to the use of personal data with the purpose of placing the order online and receiving newsletters.

PARAGRAPH NO. 14 – Integrity


These General Terms and Conditions are made of the whole paragraphs that they consist of. If any of these dispositions is considered invalid by law or by any court, all the other disposition will still remain valid.

PARAGRAPH NO. 15 – Law and court of jurisdiction


Such General Terms and Conditions are under the European and Hungarian law.

Any dispute is under the jurisdiction of the consumer’s residence address, if that is on the hungarian territory.