Scent Environment Food Pizza Margherita

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Olfactory notes: heart notes

The Pizza Margherita ambient perfume is a fragrance loved all over the world. The pizza margherita is the food loved all over the world, for this reason, its scent has a wide demand on the food fragrance market.
It is an unmistakable aroma and if spread inside and outside a pizzeria, restaurant or bar it has the power to attract any type of customer. Who doesn’t love Margherita pizza! Not even Queen Margherita was able to resist it and thanks to her this food took its name.

Effect in the environment

Everyone likes pizza, regardless of age, and is offered not only in pizzerias, but also in places where it is served steaming hot. It is here that its aroma is appreciated, which is spread both outside and inside the premises. The olfactory marketing par excellence!


After being declared a Unesco Heritage, the spread of Pizza, especially the Margherita one, has increased further, creating an even stronger business. The olfactory notes are warm, but delicate, able to stimulate the olfactory and gustatory glands at the same time.
The Margherita pizza room fragrance faithfully reproduces the aroma of the food.
From the story: it is said that in 1889, on the occasion of the royal visit to Naples, the queen asked that a pizza be brought to him. The pizza chef Raffaele Esposito then prepared a classic red pizza, to which he added mozzarella and basil. The taste pleased the queen very much, so much so that it became her favorite dish, hence its name. But the truth is another, pizza with tomato mozzarella and basil had already been invented, but that was the occasion to give a famous name to what is now called the most famous pizza in the world.

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