Perfume diffuser S300

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Immediately after the purchase of the Perfumer you will receive an email with the summary of the transaction and a link that will allow you to download the Instruction Manual with all the indications for programming the diffusion cycles. Remember that you can program the duration of the daily fragrance and the intensity of the nebulization, you decide how much and when to perfume your environment. Manage the scent of your room in the best possible way to reduce waste and optimize the diffusion of the perfume.

Technical description

Material: plastic
Dimensions: Height = 230 mm | Length = 145 mm | Depth = 80 mm
Color: available with black or white shell
Power supply: 220/12 Volt transformer
Power: 20 Watts
Noise: less than 10 Decibels
Fill the container: 150 ml
Maximum consumption of Oily Fragrance: 1 ml / hour
Maximum coverage: 200 m³
Weight: 2,5 Kg

Installation Connected to the independent system with internal fan and wall fixing at 1.5 / 1.8 m from the ground with the wall free from obstacles.



The scent 300 home fragrance diffuser is available in two colors: White and Black. With a modern design, it is suitable for any environment.
It can be applied to the wall thanks to the screws and fisher supplied in the package or alternatively with a double-sided adhesive strip.

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All our fragrances are IFRA certified.
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