Le profumazioni sono un elemento importante nella creazione di un’atmosfera adatta a fiere ed eventi. La fragranza giusta può creare un’impressione duratura e positiva nei visitatori, aiutando a creare un’esperienza immersiva e coinvolgente.

Inoltre, le profumazioni possono essere utilizzate per segnalare specifiche aree o per creare un’atmosfera specifica per un’azienda o un prodotto. Ad esempio, un’azienda di prodotti per la cura della pelle potrebbe diffondere una fragranza fresca e floreale nella sua area espositiva per creare un’atmosfera rilassante e accattivante.

I profumi e le fragranze sono importanti anche nelle fiere alimentari perché influiscono significativamente sull’esperienza sensoriale dei visitatori e possono aiutare a creare un’atmosfera piacevole e invitante. Inoltre, i profumi e le fragranze possono anche aiutare a promuovere e a differenziare i prodotti alimentari in mostra, attirando l’attenzione dei visitatori verso determinati stand. Inoltre, i profumi e le fragranze possono anche influire sulla percezione del gusto degli alimenti, rendendoli più appetibili e aumentando la probabilità che i visitatori li acquistino.

Inoltre, le profumazioni possono aiutare a mascherare gli odori sgradevoli, come quelli di determinati cibi o delle persone, creando un ambiente più piacevole per i visitatori.



I profumi e le fragranze sono elementi fondamentali nell’ambientazione di un congresso, poiché hanno la capacità di influire sull’esperienza sensoriale dei partecipanti e di creare un’atmosfera piacevole e accogliente.

Innanzitutto, i profumi e le fragranze possono contribuire a creare un’immagine coordinata per l’evento, permettendo di creare un’identità specifica per il congresso e di distinguerlo dagli altri eventi. Inoltre, possono essere utilizzati per creare un’atmosfera specifica per un’area del congresso, come ad esempio un’area espositiva o un’area relax.

Inoltre, i profumi e le fragranze possono anche influire sull’esperienza sensoriale dei partecipanti, rendendo l’evento più piacevole e aumentando la loro soddisfazione. Ad esempio, l’utilizzo di profumi freschi e rilassanti può contribuire a creare un’atmosfera rilassante e confortevole, mentre l’utilizzo di profumi speziati e intensi può creare un’atmosfera più energizzante e stimolante.

Inoltre, l’utilizzo di profumi e fragranze può anche migliorare l’esperienza gastronomica dei partecipanti, aumentando l’appetibilità del cibo offerto durante l’evento.

In sintesi, l’utilizzo di profumi e fragranze nei congressi può contribuire a creare un’esperienza piacevole e memorabile per i partecipanti, migliorando l’immagine coordinata dell’evento e influendo sull’esperienza sensoriale e gastronomica dei partecipanti.


Perfume Diffuser S650

This fragrance diffuser does not need large spaces to diffuse its scent. It works with smart application and is very quiet.
363,31 vat inc.

S700 perfume diffuser

Perfume and fragrance diffuser for rooms of any size, with a modern design, aluminum structure covered with tempered glass
614,18 vat inc.

S750 perfume diffuser

Weekly control of dispensing, 4 diversified programs. Adjustable fragrance intensity adjustment for each individual program.
581,91 vat inc.

S800 perfume diffuser

The large room scent machine S 800 is one of the most innovative and functional products in the repertoire of fragrance dispensers offered by Specialscent
602,73 vat inc.

S900 Scent Machine

S900 perfume diffuser Its small size and the use programming system with intensity adjustment make it perfect for any environment.
509,04 vat inc.

Scent 900 fan diffuser

Its small size and programming system with intensity adjustment make it perfect for any environment. Your business will benefit greatly from this
550,68 vat inc.

Multimedia totem with hand perfuming and sanitizing system

Hand sanitizer and advertising display in one product. Ideal for any environment and three types of dispensing: Gel, alcohol base and foam
926,48 vat inc.

S1002 HVAC fragrance diffuser

Thanks to its size, the Scent 1002 HVAC diffuser is able to diffuse fragrances in large areas such as hotels, game rooms, shopping centers. It can also be used to perfume outdoor areas during shows and events.
1.196,09 vat inc.

Perfume diffuser S1001 HVAC

The Scent 1001 Large room fragrance system will be your great ally to give greater value to your Brand. It is made up of two units: Central Unit and Detached Unit
1.092,00 vat inc.

S1001 HVAC WIFI fragrance diffuser

The technology used is that of cold nebulization which uses ventilation systems, spreading the fragrance homogeneously
987,89 vat inc.


Ambient fragrance Orange, wood, leather

This fragrance can be diffused in leather goods shops, furniture factories or stationeries with particular attention to detail.
5,10 vat inc.

New car ambient scent

An ideal fragrance for cars and car sales salons. Keeps a good new car smell in the air. The perfect fragrance for particular environments
5,10 vat inc.

Ambient fragrance Food Yogurt and cream of rice

The fragrance Yogurt and cream of rice is a mix created for places that want to cover the strong smells of the kitchen. Its fragrance is unique.
5,10 vat inc.

Tuberose Ambient Perfume

this mix of fragrances is recommended for environments where you can create special, intimate atmospheres. Recommended for hotels, shops and SPAs
5,10 vat inc.

Ambient fragrance Food Olive oil

The room fragrance with olive oil is ideal for food shops, sandwich shops, focaccerie, where its scent must stand out among other aromas
5,10 vat inc.

Perfume Environment Food Catalan cream

The Crema Catalana Ambient Perfume faithfully reproduces the aroma of the typical dessert of Catalonia, which can be enjoyed hot
5,10 vat inc.

Boreko Ambient Perfume

This mix of fragrances is considered a good remedy against bad mood, due to the presence of benzoin, used against migraines and depression
5,10 vat inc.

Bamboo ambient fragrance

The oil, extracted from the leaves of the Bamboo plant is treated in a natural way, transporting you to the wonderful and immense oriental forests.
5,10 vat inc.

Ambient Fragrance Amber and Tobacco |

Its mix of fragrances releases warm and enveloping sensations in an instant, where you can let yourself go. A relaxing and unique atmosphere
5,10 vat inc.

Scent Christmas Environment chalet

This fragrance is intended for environments where hospitality and friendship reign supreme between pampering, hot mulled wine, roasted chestnuts and hugs.
5,10 vat inc.

Luxury Ambience Perfume

Luxury scents, Their precious essences are used during gala events, high fashion shows, and where the stay must be particularly pleasant.
5,10 vat inc.

Scent Environment Food Christmas Gingerbread

The gingerbread fragrance can be used in any environment where there is hospitality. At home or in a candy store, it envelops you with its aroma
5,10 vat inc.

Scent Environment Christmas Food Panettone

Impossible not to love Christmas and its perfumes. Make your environment special with olfactory marketing, spreading the aroma of Panettone
5,10 vat inc.

Environment Food Cola fragrance

Specialscent has gained considerable experience in the fragrances sector and knows that the Cola fragrance is perfect if you have a bar, sandwich shop
5,10 vat inc.

Scent Environment Food Biscuits and Coffee

The biscuit and coffee fragrance releases a scent that is impossible to resist. Perfect for environments such as bars, pastry shops and tea rooms
5,10 vat inc.

Basil Food Ambient Fragrance

The basil scent is perfectly suited to environments such as restaurant kitchens, domestic kitchens and is ideal for covering unpleasant odors
5,10 vat inc.

Ambient Food Vanilla fragrance

The white vanilla flower and the intense shades of the berries represent important elements for the creation of this welcoming fragrance
5,10 vat inc.

Scent Environment Food Chocolate

Whoever enters your restaurant will not easily forget you. The chocolate fragrance is ideal for Confectionery Shops, Patisseries, Cafeterias
5,10 vat inc.

Scent Environment Food Pizza Margherita

Everyone likes pizza, regardless of age. Its typical scent is a magnet for anyone, especially in the evening during dinner and lunch break
5,10 vat inc.

Fragrance Environment Food Brioche

Being greeted by the scent of freshly baked hot croissants creates an almost magical moment for those who are about to start a hectic working day.
5,10 vat inc.

Scent Environment Food Bread

There are many types of bread and each one has its own particular taste, but the scent of the bread that comes out of the wood-burning oven is magical
5,10 vat inc.

Cannabis Ambient Scent

The cannabis fragrance gives off a delicate aroma, with floral, pine and earth undertones, typical of cannabis. It adapts well to multiple environments
5,10 vat inc.

Marijuana Ambient Scent

With strong notes, it can be used in clothing stores, gyms, spas and any place where psychophysical well-being is important
5,10 vat inc.

Ambient fragrance Bems

Bems environments gives a strong impression to your environment, making it more attractive and professional, a perfect essence for any situation.
5,10 vat inc.

Sublime Ambient Scent

This fragrance brings us back to the sea breeze, to the pleasant sensation of saltiness, and then arrives with the sweet scent of myrtle and jasmine.
5,10 vat inc.

Lavender environment Scent

Lavender has many properties and has been used since Roman times to perfume rooms and in aromatherapy. Great for a relaxing environment
5,10 vat inc.

Woodland Scent

The fragrance for woods environments is made up of woody olfactory notes which at the same time acquire freshness thanks to the aroma of mint.
5,10 vat inc.

Lemon Ambient Scent

The fragrance spreads quickly in the environment, enhancing the top notes, its aroma recalls the colors of summer and instills strength and well-being.
5,10 vat inc.

Cut Grass ambient Scent

Mountain structures prefer the fragrance of cut grass to completely immerse customers in nature. Ideal for wellness treatments
5,10 vat inc.

Christmas Scented Vanilla and Cinnamon

The Olfactory Notes of Cinnamon are spicy and belong to the category of Heart Notes, the strongest ones of Vanilla to Base Notes.
5,10 vat inc.

Ambient fragrance Scents of the East

Turmeric, Coriander, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger, Paprika are just some of the many spices that make up this mix of oriental scents
5,10 vat inc.

Ocean Blue Ambient Scent

With its fresh notes, the intense perfume, with a strong but not strong character, is able to make you experience intense sensations. Only in GEL solution
12,48 vat inc.

Mixed Citrus Fruits Ambient Scent

Fresh, energizing, sparkling, this mix of Lemon, Cedar, Orange, Grapefruit and Mandarin is a vehicle of lightness, freshness and good humor.
5,10 vat inc.

Perfume Environment Femme saliente

Femme Saliente fragrance is a unique perfume mix. The resulting olfactory profile is made up of 3 types of Olfactory Notes: Head, Heart and Base
5,10 vat inc.

Environment Leather Perfume

The very first perfumes produced with the skin date back to almost a hundred years ago, made through the infusion of scraps of tanned leather and bark.
5,10 vat inc.

Aloe Ambient Scent

This fragrance transmits all its energy, like water, fresh and regenerating. Its olfactory notes are delicate and remain in the environment for a long time
5,10 vat inc.

Fruits of the forest home fragrance

The Frutti di Bosco fragrance presents fruity olfactory notes thanks to the numerous mix of fruits of which it is composed: Raspberries, blueberries ...
5,10 vat inc.

Ambient Fragrance White Musk

This essence faithfully reproduces the scent of White Musk. The Olfactory Base Notes spread initially giving a delicate freshness
5,10 vat inc.

Sea ​​flowers Ambient Perfume

We recommend the sumptuous and elegant notes of this perfume for clothing stores, professional studios, in trade fair stands
5,10 vat inc.

Perfume Ambient Theater

Thanks to its olfactory notes, this fragrance will transport you inside an Opera of other times. An aroma that contains all the essence of a theater
6,13 vat inc.

Jasmine Ambient Scent

It is an essence with rich and delicate floral notes. Its heart notes are almost similar to those of honey but less sweet. It is an ancient plant
5,10 vat inc.

Linen ambient fragrance

The sensation that this fragrance gives is that of being in a large flowery meadow and intoxicated by the scent of laundry hanging out in the sun
5,10 vat inc.





    Specialscent è un marchio di proprietà di Smart Business Company Kft con sede e show room a Budapest, indirizzo nella descrizione. Operiamo nel mercato della Profumazione e del Marketing Olfattivo dal 2014 con diversi distributori in varie parti dell’Europa e del Medio Oriente. I nostri profumatori diffondono il profumo attraverso un avanzato sistema di nebulizzazione, da stanze più piccole come le automobili a stanze più grandi come sale e uffici aziendali.

    La nostra azienda è in grado di soddisfare ogni particolare richiesta di profumazione per creare un ambiente piacevole ed unico. Centri Benessere, Hotel, ambienti domestici, ristoranti, uffici, palestre e tante altre location possono essere completamente rinnovati grazie alle nostre fragranze. Tutte le nostre profumazioni sono made in Italy e certificate, la loro qualità non ha eguali. L’esperienza olfattiva che vi proponiamo regala un ricordo reale che rimane impresso nella mente di chi sente le nostre fragranze.