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In the world of trade fairs, more companies are turning to the power of pleasant smells to grab attention. This guide is all about using specific nice scents to create a special experience at your trade fair booth. We'll go through how to pick the right smell and make sure it spreads just right. Join us in making your trade fair presence unforgettable through the magic of good scents!

The Emotional Impact of Scents

Scents have the unique ability to stir emotions and trigger memories, forming a strong emotional bond between visitors and brands. Choosing the right aroma can effectively set the stage, echoing the essence of the product or service a company aims to promote.

Selecting the Perfect Perfume

The key to success lies in choosing the right perfume. It should align with the intended message, pleasant to the senses, and not overpowering. Considering that individuals vary in sensitivity to odors, it's essential to avoid creating environments with overly strong or unpleasant scents. Techniques for Even Scent Distribution Once the ideal perfume is selected, various techniques can be employed for even scent distribution. Simple solutions include using strategically placed air diffusers or programmable sprays and nebulizers that release the fragrance at regular intervals.

Striking the Right Balance

Caution is paramount to avoid overusing scents. The goal is to create a pleasant
and memorable experience, not overwhelm visitors. Achieving the right balance ensures that the diffusion of scent enhances the overall experience without causing discomfort.

Integration with Stand Design

For olfactory displays to be effective, seamless integration with the overall stand design is crucial. The chosen aroma should harmonize with colors, graphics, and other elements, creating a cohesive and engaging sensorial experience for visitors. In conclusion, incorporating olfactory displays at trade fair stands can be an excellent strategy for capturing attention and creating an engaging sensory experience. Careful consideration in choosing the scent, balanced diffusion, and seamless integration with the stand's design can elevate olfactory displays to a memorable aspect of a company's marketing strategy. With attention and care, olfactory displays can become a powerful and lasting part of your brand's identity.

I nostri diffusori per eventi fieristici

Perfume Diffuser S650

This fragrance diffuser does not need large spaces to diffuse its scent. It works with smart application and is very quiet.
363,31 vat inc.

S700 perfume diffuser

Perfume and fragrance diffuser for rooms of any size, with a modern design, aluminum structure covered with tempered glass
614,18 vat inc.

S750 perfume diffuser

Weekly control of dispensing, 4 diversified programs. Adjustable fragrance intensity adjustment for each individual program.
581,91 vat inc.

S800 perfume diffuser

The large room scent machine S 800 is one of the most innovative and functional products in the repertoire of fragrance dispensers offered by Specialscent
602,73 vat inc.

S900 Scent Machine

S900 perfume diffuser Its small size and the use programming system with intensity adjustment make it perfect for any environment.
509,04 vat inc.

Scent 900 fan diffuser

Its small size and programming system with intensity adjustment make it perfect for any environment. Your business will benefit greatly from this
550,68 vat inc.

Multimedia totem with hand perfuming and sanitizing system

Hand sanitizer and advertising display in one product. Ideal for any environment and three types of dispensing: Gel, alcohol base and foam
926,48 vat inc.

S1002 HVAC fragrance diffuser

Thanks to its size, the Scent 1002 HVAC diffuser is able to diffuse fragrances in large areas such as hotels, game rooms, shopping centers. It can also be used to perfume outdoor areas during shows and events.
1.196,09 vat inc.

Perfume diffuser S1001 HVAC

The Scent 1001 Large room fragrance system will be your great ally to give greater value to your Brand. It is made up of two units: Central Unit and Detached Unit
1.092,00 vat inc.

S1001 HVAC WIFI fragrance diffuser

The technology used is that of cold nebulization which uses ventilation systems, spreading the fragrance homogeneously
987,89 vat inc.