Personalized fragrances

What perfume are you?

We can create your own perfume. The one that will distinguish you from all the others. Based on your Brand, location, personality, you can feel your fragrance in the air, wear or have it worn through a unique olfactory experience.

From your environment, to your home, from your personalized bag to your car, from the business card to the gadget, you will be recognizable everywhere.

Creating your Personalized Perfume is like making your own tailor-made dress. You will be able to change size over time, but your style will always be unmistakable.

In-depth studies have confirmed how many fragrances are today important for good communication.
Each product is exclusively MADE IN ITALY

Our experts are at your complete disposal to choose with you the fragrance that best represents you.

Your presence is in the air

A personalized fragrance is not only suitable for your company, your professional image, but can also accompany you in everyday life. A perfect gift for a friend, a gala evening organized in your favorite home or location, a family party.

The olfactory memory mechanism is considered one of the most incisive referred to the 5 senses. Perfumes and smells that bring us back to childhood or to an emotion. Fragrances that light up memories.

The advantage? The olfactory memory never fades. Clearly its strength and intensity in memories depends on how much impact and importance it has had in your life.

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An indelible memory

Our company offers the opportunity to make the most of this aspect, making the memory in the mind and heart of your guests indelible.

A relaxing massage in the SPA, a pleasant stay in the hotel, an intriguing dinner immersed in the aroma that bears your signature.
What’s more unique? The olfactory memory is king in the current Marketing strategy.


Associate your personalized perfume with you and no one else
Innovative marketing strategy
Remain in the memory of customers and friends
Environment renewed with a new fragrance
Make a change in your life, brand and business

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Customize your Perfume





    Specialscent is a trademark owned by Smart Business Company Kft with headquarters and show room in Budapest, address in description. We have been working in the Perfumentation and Olfactory Marketing market since 2014 with several distributors in various parts of Europe and Middle East. Our perfumers spread the scent through an advanced atomization system , from smaller rooms like cars to larger rooms like halls and corporate offices.

    Our company can satisfy every particular scenting request and create a pleasant and unique environment. Wellness centers, hotels, home environments, restaurants, offices, gyms and many other environments can be completely renovated thanks to our Fragrances. All our fragrances are made in Italy and certified, their quality has no equal. The olfactory experience that we offer gives a real memory that remains impressed in the mind of those who feel our fragrances.

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