Scented Cards

When perfume is already a business card

A captivating color, a particular and unusual character, but what really makes the difference to your business card is… the perfume!
Yes your favorite perfume or the one you will choose with our help. it will be a pleasure for your customers to keep it in their wallet or purse.
Impossible to forget you!

The personalized business card that talks about you

Your Brand, the Logo, will be an added value together with your personal data.
The business card par excellence.

You decide the colors and scents, we will help you design it.

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Submit your project and we will make it happen

It will be enough for us to receive the layout of your business card, we will take care of the printing by adding the perfume you choose.
We will help you to identify the one closest to your personality or we will create one tailored for you.

if you love the perfume of a well-known brand, we will make sure to create a similar one.
Those who have tried it have never done without it.

We are waiting for you!

Customize your Olfactory Logo



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Specialscent is a trademark owned by Smart Business Company Kft with headquarters and show room in Budapest, address in description. We have been working in the Perfumentation and Olfactory Marketing market since 2014 with several distributors in various parts of Europe and Middle East. Our perfumers spread the scent through an advanced atomization system, from smaller rooms like cars to larger rooms like halls and corporate offices.

Our company can satisfy every particular scenting request and create a pleasant and unique environment. Wellness centers, hotels, home environments, restaurants, offices, gyms and many other environments can be completely renovated thanks to our Fragrances . All our fragrances are made in Italy and certified, their quality has no equal. The olfactory experience that we offer gives a real memory that remains impressed in the mind of those who feel our fragrances.

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