Scented Flyers and Brochures

New marketing strategies – scented flyers and flyers

Even today, the flyer is considered an excellent method to use for marketing, especially if we are talking about introducing a product during a presentation, promoting an event, or advertising and disseminating promotions and discounts.

For sure, making it pleasant will give you more points than your competitors, and we are not just talking about colors and good taste in their creation, but also and above all about perfume.
Having a fragrant, pleasant leaflet in your hands is a deterrent not to be thrown away immediately .

It will become an excellent reminder and when your customers open the drawer where they had parked it or the bag where it was carelessly stored, its perfume will bring to mind the discount promotion they wanted to take advantage of or the event they were going to attend and that they risked to. expire, but above all they will remember your Brand.
A decidedly effective, pleasant and one-of-a-kind advertising. Much more than a message, a memory to keep. Every time the aroma comes out of that sheet it will be impossible not to remember you.

Tell me how you talk and I’ll tell you what perfume you are

Through the study of your brand, we will be able to advise you in the best way and together choose not only the fragrance that best represents you, but also suggest the colors that suit your slogan.

Each product is MADE IN ITALY

Specialscent gives you the opportunity to create a tool that is as flexible as it is effective, which gives space to your creativity and tailored to your customers. This way you can reach a large number of people.
Today olfactory marketing is considered the new communication strategy. Those who have already tried this method of communication have benefited greatly from it and continue to use it for new initiatives.

Trust our experts!

Keep up with the times

The perfume attracts, creates emotions, evokes unforgettable moments, why not make your Brand unique and unforgettable too.
At this point, the strategic value that an olfactory brand can assume in the market is well understood.
Many studies have confirmed that a fragrance remains etched in people’s minds much more than images.
Specialscent is proud to offer its innovative products in a constantly growing market, able to guarantee an unattainable yield by classic products. The customization during the realization of your products is followed step by step by experts in the sector.

Collaborate with us to create your scented flyer, we are waiting for you!

Customize your Scented Flyer

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    Specialscent is a trademark owned by Smart Business Company Kft with headquarters and show room in Budapest, address in description. We have been working in the Perfumentation and Olfactory Marketing market since 2014 with several distributors in various parts of Europe and Middle East. Our perfumers spread the scent through an advanced atomization system, from smaller rooms like cars to larger rooms like halls and corporate offices.

    Our company can satisfy every particular scenting request and create a pleasant and unique environment. Wellness centers, hotels, home environments, restaurants, offices, gyms and many other environments can be completely renovated thanks to our Fragrances. All our fragrances are made in Italy and certified, their quality has no equal. The olfactory experience that we offer gives a real memory that remains impressed in the mind of those who feel our fragrances.

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