Scent Environment Food Bread

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Olfactory notes: base notes

There are many types of bread and each one has its own particular taste and flavor, but the unmistakable scent of the bread coming out of the wood oven is something unique and magical.
The olfactory notes are warm and balanced and stimulate interaction with others, the use of similar fragrances is a trend that is spreading more and more in many environments. If you too want to increase your business and create an oasis of pleasure within your restaurant, this is the right solution!

Effect in the environment

Generally perfumes like this are suitable for scenting indoor and outdoor environments.
This fragrance is designed for those who want to renew their environment and add further comfort to their customers.
The scent of baked bread attracts children and adults with its fragrance. Impossible when you pass in front of a baker not to enter.
An olfactory experience that brings us back to memories of the past, to the family.
If you have a bakery or a food stand, pastry shop, farmhouse or mountain guesthouse, this fragrance is for you.


Bread, a food loved by practically everyone, to be served in any way and that can accompany any dish.
The fragrance for bread environments is a food fragrance, a constantly evolving category that follows consumer and market trends. We are constantly in step with the times and constantly evolving to bring production companies to high levels.
Olfactory Marketing manages to create a real customer loyalty process linked to the olfactory memory, a perfume that will not make you forget easily.

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oil 5 ml, oil 125 gr, oil 250 gr (for Nebula), oil 500 gr, oil 1000 gr