Ambient fragrance Scents of the East

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Olfactory notes: top notes

Turmeric, Coriander, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger, Paprika are just some of the many spices that make up this mix of oriental scents

Many of these spices are famous for their culinary use, their taste and aroma is unique and unmistakable. This is why Specialscent has decided to propose a fragrance that represents the union of all these flavors, spices and colors in an olfactory key. In this way we will give you a “taste” of the complexity and beauty of this fragrance.

The Olfactory Notes of Oriental Perfumes are spicy, they are part of the Base Notes category, stronger and last longer.
The fragrance releases a completely unexpected scent for our nose and offers a new experience with its sweet and spicy contrast.
If you really want to amaze with an essence that remains in your memory, the Profumi d’Oriente fragrance is the right choice!

Effect in the environment

We recommend the fragrance Profumi d’Oriente in all locations where you can relax, warm and welcoming places. This fragrance makes your Wellness Center, Spa, Restaurant, Massage Center unforgettable, thanks to its unmistakable exotic aroma.


Not everyone can guarantee a high quality and certified fragrance like this. in fact, industry experts test all our fragrances.
This Essence not only perfumes the environment around you, it is much more than a novelty, but it is the possibility that you can give to your business to increase the clientele.
Build a memory in the olfactory memory of your guests
You will soon realize how this fragrance can change the mood of your staff and customers.

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