Car scent diffuser

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Elegant electric air diffuser, for use in the car, and in a small room, to make your stay pleasant in your most used environments.

Buying this product helps you relax in your favorite moments, inside your rooms, your car, your office. The Scent 60 electric car air freshener keeps the fragrance unchanged in its olfactory notes, using cold nebulization technology like all our professional perfume diffusers. All without thinking about replacing the alkaline batteries, but simply using your usb plugs that you can find in your car and in your pc.

Car scent diffuser 60 operating characteristics:

Portable and design perfumer, with 4 levels of nebulization intensity, to adjust the fragrance as you want in your environment.
Where can I use it ?
In the car, in the office, on your office desk, in all small rooms that do not exceed 10 m2.
How does it feed itself ?
Car scent diffuser S 60 works like a mobile phone: it does not need batteries or to remain plugged in. It is recharged via USB cable and, once charged, it can be comfortably transported from one room to another.
What fragrances can I use ?
All the fragrances indicated in our catalog.

Technical Specifications Scent 60

Dimensions: 70×133 mm
Input voltage: 5V
Power: 1.5W
Fragrance capacity: 10 ml
Weight: 220g
Consumption: 0.02-0.10 ml / h
Room coverage: 30 m3
Intensity adjustment in 4 levels
In package including usb cable for power supply.
Material: plastic
black colour

Weight N/A